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The following checklist will help you verify that your browser is configured for optimal Ortrac browsing experience.

While we have been able to automatically check most parameters for you, there are some settings you need to test for yourself. We have provided you with the convenient means of manually testing these parameters.

Please note that these are the recommended configurations. Excepting the parameters where we explicitly say otherwise (eg. JavaScript), you will still be able to browse Ortrac without 100% compliance with this checklist; this list is simply a way to make sure you get the most out of your visit.

Ortrac Compatibility Checklist
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For an optimal browsing experience, you might want to download one of our recommended browsers.
Recommended browsers
Some content on Ortrac require that your browser is able to play back audio. If you're in a public space, headphones are recommended.
Click the play button below to verify that you can play audio from the website.
Demo exam
Please resolve issues identified above before proceeding to open the demo exam.